The Challenge in Designing Modern Kitchens

Signature-Cover1-295x295Only some of American kitchen designers and kitchen design firms design modern kitchens. Just a few of them do it well and often…
The big difference between designing traditional vs. modern kitchen design is in the design process. While traditional kitchens have set design rules and follow a certain template, the modern kitchen is the exact opposite – in order to achieve a beautiful and creative modern kitchen design, the designer must be able to think outside of the box (literally, at times) and be creative, rather than follow tradition design concepts.

At Küche+Cucina, approx half of the kitchens designed through the years have been modern and it shows. Not just that the selection of modern kitchen products is second to none, but the designers are experienced in designing modern kitchens and have numerous awards, national magazine covers and an extensive portfolio of modern kitchens to prove it!

Here are a few examples, that have received a national recognition:

                This Modern kitchen, in Tewksbury, NJ, have won a first place design award and have been featured on two national magazine covers.


 A red, ‘J’ shaped island, got this Saddle River, NJ modern kitchen to  a national cover, as well as national TV spot…


In addition to several national magazines,  this Livingston, NJ circular island modern kitchen was featured on the cover of the industry trade magazine cover.


Another modern kitchen designed by Kuche+Cucina, in Cresskill, NJ that ended on two national magazine covers.


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